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To cater for your varied needs, Blue Line Express has developed a range of specific systems - these assist in enabling the business to run efficiently and effectively. These systems include:

1. In-House Systems
2. Close System Distribution
3. Video linked vehicles and warehouses
4. Live tracking and tracing of vehicles

In-House Systems allow help us to:

1. Maintain and enhance the present distribution systems and reduce costs where possible within the operation.
2. Maintain the agreed delivery time for all services by Blue Line Express (Pty) Ltd.
3. Assist quickly with customer enquiries on goods in transit.
4. Provide an emergency service (same day) on a national basis.
5. Accurately capture transit information.
6. Reliably attach waybills and multiple parcel labels to all packages.
7. Reliably load goods into Blue Line Express (Pty) Ltd vehicles.
8. Effectively and efficiently manage national and local deliveries.
9. Efficiently liaise with your company staff and branches on matters relating to distribution through Blue Line Express (Pty) Ltd.
10.Effectively manage daily cost control.
11. Ensure administration of the accounts is of an acceptable standard.
12. Prepare accurate daily invoices and weekly freight management reports.